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For Guildhall Opera Scenes (Milton Court Studio Theatre)...


"And last, but by no means least at all, we must recognise the young Canadian pianist Erika Gundesen who would be a priceless addition to any opera company's music staff.  It is so good to see fine keyboard players devoting themselves to working in opera and with singers." - Brian Dickie

For Broken Wings (Charing Cross Theatre)...

"Lovingly and delicately played by musical director Erika Gundesen and her team of six, Joe Davison’s orchestrations and arrangements fill the intimate space with romance, and the sublime ensemble harmonies on the rotating stage bring warmth to a chilly February night." - Musical Theatre Review

Nick Boyd-Vaughan, 2017


Erika Gundesen


Pianist and Conductor

ARCT, BMus, MPerf, ArtDip

For Our American Cousin (Finborough Theatre)...


"...Erika Gundesen, a pale beauty at the piano, plays before, during and after the show original galops and waltzes unearthed from the British Library, with very considerable musical wit." - theatreCat


"Popular contemporary tunes are provided by skilled pianist and musical director Erika Gundesen." - UK Theatre Network


"Erika Gundesen also provides pleasant piano accompaniment to a play that survives as an amusing period piece..." - The Guardian

For Parade (London Theatre Workshop)...


"Brown’s glorious music channels styles that range from ballad, to gospel and even a cakewalk with the composer bestowing unforgiving complexity on his melodies. Fortunately under musical director Erika Gundesen’s five piece ensemble, the justice that was denied Leo Frank is beautifully done to the score..." - Jonathan Baz Reviews


"...small band of five, under expert guidance of musical director Erika Gundesen." - West End Wilma


"Although the cast are impressively strong all round, the real star of Parade is Jason Robert Brown’s score. Musical director Erika Gundesen and the five piece band more than do justice to the intricate and affecting music." - Catherine Duffy, Bargain Theatreland


"...the five-strong band, led by Erika Gundesen [...] demonstrates a genuine feel for the composer’s gorgeous music." - Jeremy Chapman, Musical Theatre Review


Cameron Slater Photography, 2015


For Parade (Vivo d'Arte)...


"The music for this show presents a remarkable challenge. The band are located in a remote (and warm!) room, away from the mill itself, with their playing relayed around the venue via speakers. The cast are denied the usual comfort of monitors displaying the conductor’s baton but nonetheless all rise magnificently to the challenge. They are helped by the fact that the show’s musical director is Erika Gundesen, a woman who for some years now has shown a thorough understanding of this sweeping and varied score. Gundesen gets under the skin of Brown’s range of melodies, motifs and styles, coaxing perfection from her five piece band." - Jonathan Baz

Jamie Scott Photography, 2018

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